My 25 Planets Have Aligned

So, big news, again :)

On Monday night as we stayed up to watch the eclipse of the blood moon (the alignment of sun, moon, and earth) my wife and I were also celebrating a rare day of our own. I have signed a contract with a new publisher for 25 new books. This is the culmination of an idea I have been working on for more than a year. “Books” in this case is a bit of a misnomer, because what me and Familius Publishing are doing is creating an imprint of natural living guides, tentatively titled “Backyard Renaissance Guides”. These will be booklets that focus deeply on a single topic, such as thermal oven baking, Swedish yogurt making, no-till gardening, etc. I am so excited (!). The intention is to grow this line into several hundred books in the coming years, all authored or co-authored by me.

I will also be doing a full-scale stevia cookbook with Familius. In addition, the publisher will be creating a mobile app of Backyard Renaissance content. The new contract is extremely fair to me -- the publisher gave me every single thing I asked for. This is the stuff of dreams.

All added up, I have seven more manuscripts due before December. My company,, has grown tremendously. And I will soon begin giving live nationwide classes. All of this will require my full-time attention. Because of this, on Monday I resigned my position at the Provo Daily Herald. I have loved being a journalist. But newspapers are on an uncharted course, and my future is at and Familius Publishing. I already miss writing for the newspaper. What a ride!

Huge thanks to my wife for believing in me. And to all of you, my readers and students. My goal is to be a useful person. Thank you for making this possible for me and my family. -Caleb

Edible weedkiller, lotion bars, seed potatoes

Hello all :)
This is Caleb Warnock, “Forgotten Skills/ Natural
Yeast author and owner of SeedRenaissance.
Thank you for being on my email list. New this
month: cucumber seed and more culinary
herbs, including lime basil, cinnamon basil,
sweet mace, and more!

Four things this month:

1. Many of you have purchased my edible
homemade weedkiller recipe. I’m excited
to offer a new, improved version,
which you can get for free if you ordered the
original recipe. For full details, please visit
2. After the “Forgotten Skills” class last month,
many of you asked me to start carrying Amberlee’s
fantastic all-natural lotion bars, and so I have. You
can find them by clicking here.

3. Many, many of you have asked me to get
Mountain Rose seed potatoes -- the fastest-maturing
potato I have been able to find. These are red on the
inside, and stay red when cooked. Delicious,
medium-sized potatoes. These are hard to find, and
I sell them at the lowest price in the nation: 2.5 pounds
for $16 including shipping, or $10 for 2.5 pounds pick-up.

4. Finally, THE BIG NEWS :) At last, me and Melissa
Richardson, my Baking With Natural Yeast co-author,
get to make our big announcement! Based on the
fantastic results of their own patients and even staff,
Dr. Diane Farley-Jones and her team at the Alpine Clinic
in Utah are working on a clinical trial of the ability of
natural yeast to stop gluten intolerance in its tracks!!
We know what the results will be, and so do thousands
of you from experience, but we are so excited to have a
clinical trial to bring more attention to this important
natural food! If you are in the West, you can hear from
clinic staff directly, and much more, at our
Natural Yeast & Grains for Health Summit on May 3.
We expect this to sell out. Tickets are first-come, first-serve.
For full information, visit

Thanks! -Caleb

Natural Yeast & Grains for Health Summit

Natural Yeast & Grains for Health Summit
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 3, Highland Community Center, 5378 W. 10400 N. Highland, Utah

$39 admit one OR $49 admit two through April 25 ($99 admit one after April 25)

8:30 Welcome and registration check-in

9-9:15 Creating a Natural Yeast Start from Nature:
Caleb will teach you how to create a natural yeast start for bread-rising using only what is available in the back yard. Students will go home with the materials needed to start their own yeast from scratch!

9:15-9:30 The Water Secret
Caleb will teach you a simple trick for making your yeast happier, healthier, and most importantly, more vigorous by changing the way you use water with your natural yeast starter -- and what it means for our health the rest of the time too.

9:30-9:45 How to Keep a Starter in the Fridge:
Melissa will teach you how to convert your starter to living in the fridge, the benefits of keeping a cold start, how to tell if your cold start conversion is successful, how to use a cold start for baking, and more.

9:45-10 Help! My Yeast Doesn’t Double!
Concerned because your yeast is not doubling, either on the counter or in the fridge? Melissa will teach you a simple secret for knowing when your yeast is perfect for baking -- and when it needs more time. Melissa will demonstrate how to feed natural yeast at home.

10-10:15 The Health Benefits of Natural Yeast
Believe it! Caleb will tell you how natural yeast can help you lose weight, get rid of your acid reflux forever, heal your gluten intolerance, create probiotic and prebiotic health in your gut, and smooth spikes in your glycemic index.

10:15-10:30 Simple and Fluffy Bread, Rolls & Cinnamon Rolls Using a Thermal Oven
Thermal ovening is a simple technique for raising bread that requires no fuel or electricity and makes a HUGE difference in the way natural yeast bread rises. Thermal ovens have been practiced for centuries!

10:30-10:45 BREAK

10:45-11 Gluten-free Doesn’t Mean Harmless
Melissa and Caleb will tell you about the hidden dangers of the gluten-free diet, including short-term and long-term consequences that are little discussed about the current gluten-free fad.

11-11:30 Natural Yeast as a Phytic Acid Fighter
Melissa will teach us how phytic acid harms our health when grains are not prepared properly for eating, and how natural yeast is Mother Nature’s answer for neutralizing phytic acid to make wheat, oats, and other grains healthy and not harmful.

11:30-11:45 Spelt, Teff & Buckwheat
Melissa will teach us why she is so passionate about using a variety of grains in her family’s diet, and she will introduce us to a variety of grains that are little used in the U.S. but are super healthy and delicious.

11:45-Noon How to Make Bread With Natural Yeast
Melissa and Caleb will demonstrate how to make bread using natural yeast.


12:45-1:30 Why I Recommend Natural Yeast to My Patients
Dr. McClean is a chiropractor who began teaching the benefits of Natural Yeast to patients and community members with his wife several years ago. He found in his practice that if structural adjustments were not working in his patients, the problem was usually dietary. He utilizes natural yeast fermentation of a variation of grains in his treatment of these patients. Dr. McClean will share with us what he has learned about how consuming unprepared grains affects the human body through his own research and treatment of patients in his practice.

1:30-2:15 Natural Yeast Testing at Alpine Clinic
Natural Yeast Testing at Alpine Clinic Patty Jake is the Health Coach and Lifestyle Educator at Dr. Diane Farley Jones’ Alpine Medical Clinic in Highland. She will tell us the exciting news about the protocol and informal clinic study that Dr. Farley-Jones is developing for natural yeast after seeing testing and results from Patty herself and other patients. Patty will talk about the importance of natural yeast in nutrition and frankly discuss the full spectrum of results seen at the clinic

2:15-3:15 Question & Answer Panel -- Ask your questions to Dr. McClean, Patty, Melissa or Caleb!

Caleb Warnock’s NEW, IMPROVED Guaranteed Edible Weed Killer

Caleb Warnock’s NEW, IMPROVED Guaranteed Edible Weed Killer

This new recipe replaces the old recipe because it is much faster, cheaper, easier both to make and to apply, and guaranteed to kill ANY weed. If you purchased the old recipe, you can get the new, improved recipe for free by emailing with the words “I bought the old recipe” in the subject line of your email. If you request this free copy, you are on your honor that you have purchased the original. If you want the weedkiller recipe and have not purchased it before, please go to

The Story Of This Recipe
After six years of work, thousands of dollars, hundreds of experiments, and hundreds of hours of testing, I am pleased to announce that I have formulated an entirely edible backyard weedkiller that is guaranteed to kill all backyard weeds -- including the roots -- in one application when applied as directed.

You need only to purchase the recipe once to use it for your lifetime. You can purchase it only at My belief is that this recipe has the potential to change the world because with this recipe, I cannot see any reason to use any chemical weedkiller.

My weedkiller:

- Is entirely edible. The recipe doubles as a super-healthy salad dressing, which is how I would suggest you eat it.

- Is THE CHEAPEST weed killer on earth because you only pay for the recipe once ($29) and you get to use it for the rest of your life. If you have been using store-bought weed killers, you will save thousands of dollars by switching to my guaranteed recipe!

- The recipe kills ALL WEEDS in one application when applied as directed. No need to email me to ask about a certain weed. The answer is yes, this recipe will kill your weed.

- My recipe is guaranteed safe for pets, bees and insects so long as you don’t apply it directly on them.

- My recipe is safe and even beneficial for garden soil.

- This recipe is safe for use around children, and safe for the person applying the weedkiller (except that you could hurt your eyes if you got it directly in your eyes. Do not get the formula in your eyes. If you have an open cut or wound, the recipe will sting you if you get the weed killer in the wound.)

- Where I live, the ingredients, when purchased at a grocery store, cost about $3 per gallon to make at home.

- My recipe is all natural and can be 100 percent organic, depending on the quality of ingredients you choose. It is possible to grow or make at home every single ingredient in this recipe.

- Like all commercial weedkillers, my recipe works best when weeds are young. It will kill weeds of any age, but it will take more time, effort, and a larger amount of the formula to kill older, larger weeds. I strongly suggest you begin applying this weedkiller recipe as soon as weeds begin to appear in March, April, and May. It is much easier and faster to kill small weeds than to take the time to eradicate mature weeds.

- The weedkiller takes less than five minutes to make. You will need a blender.

- To apply the weedkiller, you will need one of two inexpensive tools, costing about $5. You will be able to use these tools over and over again, and you likely already have these tools.

- My weedkiller recipe will also kill vegetables, flowers and shrubs if applied directly on them. Apply only to plants you wish to kill. This weedkiller will also kill insects if applied directly on them. This recipe may kill trees and berry bushes. I haven’t tried it on trees.

My recipe is guaranteed to work with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Money back must be requested within 30 days of purchase date via email to Money-back requests made after 30 days will be denied.

By purchasing this recipe, you have agreed to the following:
“By purchasing this recipe, I hereby agree never to publish or make public the recipe for Caleb Warnock’s Guaranteed Edible Weed Killer in any way, by any medium including but not limited to verbally sharing the recipe or distributing the recipe via electronic and/or print media, including to family and friends who do not live in my immediate household. I agree to the above stated terms even if I request and receive my money back, or even if I request but do not receive my money back. I agree that, should I request and receive my money back, I will never again use the recipe, nor publish it or make it public in any form.”

Enjoy! Let’s create a renaissance of health, happiness, and self-reliance in our backyards to benefit our health and well-being, for us, the kids, and grandkids! If you need seeds, please visit -Caleb :)

Successful Gardening in Utah Classes

Successful Gardening in Utah Classes
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 12, Highland Community Center, 5378 W. 10400 N. Highland, Utah

$39 admit one OR $49 admit two before April 4 ($99 admit one after April 4)
To register, go to and click “Classes”.
Each participant will go home with stevia seed, Caleb’s recipe for free homemade fertilizer.

Five secrets for gardening success in Utah: Gardening in Utah’s dry air, alkaline water, high altitude, and clay soil is not like gardening most other places. Caleb will teach you five things you are doing wrong that will massively improve your success while saving you big time and money.

Best vegetable varieties for Utah, and why: Probably no one on earth has tested as many vegetable varieties as Caleb. Find out which beans, melons, peas, potatoes, onions, lettuces and more work best here and why. All heirloom, of course.

Raised Bed Gardening Success: So many people waste huge amounts of money building raised beds the wrong way, only to find themselves frustrated because they are using principles that work on the East Coast and not in the West. Come learn how to make your raised beds pay you, instead of you spending huge money for small outcomes.

Container gardening: Whether looking to grow flowers, kitchen herbs, or tomatoes in containers, there are a few critical things you need to know for best success in Utah’s low humidity, high-altitude climate.

Seed starting without spending a dime: Traditionally, seed starting was done to save money and allow the gardener to grow the best varieties for their microclimate without having to rely on the store, but today seed-starting can be expensive and time consuming. This is a much simpler, fool-proof way.

Growing and using Stevia: Stevia is a small herb plant that is simple to grow in Utah indoors or outside. Stevia is Mother Nature’s sweetener and can help you dramatically slash the amount of sugar you are using at home without giving up flavor. Learn how to grow, prepare, and cook with stevia.

Best Tomatoes for Utah: If you are looking for fresh eating, preserving, saucing, color, salad tomatoes, seed-saving, or showing off your huge prizewinners, Caleb has your answers, tailored to Utah.

Organic garden soil fertility: Probably the biggest single mistake families are making in their gardens today is soil fertility. A few tweaks to your garden routine will yield long-lasting results.

Easy homemade organic garden fertilizer at no cost: Caleb has not purchased fertilizer for his garden in many, many years, and he will put his garden output up against anyone’s. The secret is making homemade fertilizer at absolutely no cost, and learning when and how to use it.

Our food supply MUST remain in the public domain: Caleb explains the importance of vegetable seed that is heirloom, never hybrid, never genetically modified, never patented or corporately owned, and what is happening to our food supply that should have every family taking a second look at the seeds they use.

Questions and Answers with Caleb: Organic gardening, backyard eggs, stevia, seeds, backyard wheat, emergency preparedness,self-reliance -- whatever your questions, Caleb will answer from experience.

March 7th Tour of Caleb's Greenhouse and Backyard Garden

Above - Green Mountain multiplier onions in the greenhouse, from seed. 

 Above - Vernal Red Orach (left) with North Pole Lettuce, which has been cut and is re-growing.
 Above - Mountain Rose potatoes growing in the greenhouse, planted on New Years Eve.

 Above - Asian greens
 Above - carrots and Broad Windsor Favas, which are in flower here.

 Above - Beet greens

 Above - Green Mountain multiplier onions which overwintered outside.

Above, more Green Mountain multipliers that overwintered.

Above - Collard greens that sprouted last fall and overwintered in a cold frame. 

Above - Some of the rarest onions on earth, called Blanc de Hatif Paris, a winter onion.

Above - raised beds planted with parsnip seed. 

Above - larger view of beds planted with carrots, parsnips and more. 

Above - baby beets 

 Above - Medicinal horehound herbs, which overwintered in a cloche.

 Above - Medicinal hyssop herb, and the curry herb (on right)

Above - a baby Egyptian Walking Onion. 

 Above - Caleb's Winter Fine Fettle greens, a variety I created which provides hearty, crunchy greens without any winter cover. 

 Medicinal mullein growing in my garden :)

Above - a parsley plant. Thanks for taking a photographic tour of my March garden. If you want seeds for self-seeding, early maturing, or winter gardening, visit, my seed website :) -Caleb

Novel Writing Boot Camp

For months, the Highland Arts Council has been persistently asking me to come and teach this. I finally gave in :) Join me -- seating is very limited, so I can give individual attention.

Novel Writing Boot Camp
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 22, Highland Community Center, 5378 W. 10400 N. Highland, Utah
$69 before Tuesday, Mar. 18
$99 after Tuesday, Mar. 18
$99 (admit two) before Tuesday, Mar. 18
To register, go to and click “Classes”.

Class size is limited, first-come first-serve. No writing experience necessary, just a desire and a bit of bravery. Bestselling author Caleb Warnock will help you create a novel outline in one day, from scratch, whether you have a plot idea or not. You will learn every essential element needed to sell a manuscript in the 2014 market, and step-by-step directions for writing your book. Caleb Warnock has taught writing for the past 15 years. Many of his students have gone on to huge success, including “Hush,Hush” series author Becca Fitzpatrick, Nebula-winner Eric James Stone, and Anne Boleyn series author Laura Andersen. Caleb is the author of “Trouble’s On The Menu” as well as five popular nonfiction books and the 11-book series “What Every Writer Should Know.”

Free copy of my new “More Forgotten Skills” book, & Expo

My new book, More Forgotten Skills, has just been released! To celebrate, I’m offering a free copy of this book, or any of my books, your choice, on any seed order of $50 or more during
the month of February at My seeds are guaranteed pure and true, never hybrid, never GMO. For details about my new book, click on the picture of the cover on the right to see inside. I will send a copy with any seed order over $50. If you want a different book, you must include your request in the “comments” section of your order.

If you are in the West, consider joining us for:

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 1
Highland Community Center,
5378 W. 10400 N. Highland, Utah

$69 through Feb. 25
$89 after Feb. 25
$99 admit two people (before Feb. 25)
and click on “classes”

Healthy light lunch included. Check-in 8:30 a.m.

In addition to a full day of hands-on classes, every participant will go home with more than
$50 in gifts, including: 
- $50 credit per person for seeds and one of Caleb’s books (your choice, first-come, first-serve), including the brand-new “More Forgotten Skills” book (expo pickup only)
- TWO e-books: Caleb’s Stevia Caramel cookbook, & Caleb’s Raw Honey & Propolis for Health.
- one all-natural homemade lotion bar to calm and sooth irritated skin.

Light, airy natural yeast bread using a thermal oven:
A thermal oven, which uses no electricity or fuel, is
a perfect, foolproof way to raise dough for the best
homemade bread you’ve ever had.

How to make and use a thermal oven: A thermal oven,
which uses no electricity or fuel, can be made easily,
used everyday, and never breaks down or wears out.

Pine gum: Mother Nature’s free virus and bacteria fighter:
Powerful medicine at no cost. How to use it, when to use it,
and Caleb’s research on the modern and historic use of
medicinal pine gum.

Get and stay healthy with simple glycemic indexing:
Every bite of food we eat has an immediate impact on
our body’s glycemic index. How to put it to the test for
your family, and show your loved ones first-hand how
their food habits are affecting their short- and long-term

Making homemade herbal toothpaste:
Everything you need to know about making your
own toothpaste for everyday use (like Caleb!)
or emergencies.

Amazing oat flour:
Natural anti-inflammatory properties, whole grain,
and easy to use for delicious eating!

Making homemade, all-natural lotion bars: You’ll
love them so much, you may never buy lotion from
the grocery store again. Expert Amberlee Neibaur
shows you how to make that at home in just minutes.

Sweet Stevia baking:
Stevia is a green leafy herb that is sweeter than sugar
but does not contain any sugar, and does not spike the
glycemic index. After growing stevia in his garden for
the past five years, Caleb has spent the past two years
creating stevia recipes using low sugar or no processed
sugar. How to use leaf stevia, stevia extract, and
instructions for making stevia extract at home.

Finished being Fat:
Betsy Schow, author of the book Finished Being Fat
(as seen on the TODAY show) lost nearly half her weight,
only to discover she was still fat “inside her mind.”
How to fight the mental battle required to keep the weight
off and get healthy.

Matchless, all-natural emergency fire starting in any weather:
How to start a roaring fire using a magnifying glass without
all the huffing and puffing, with only natural and readily
available materials. A live demonstration at Caleb’s home
after the conference.

Questions and Answers with Caleb:
Organic gardening, backyard eggs, stevia, seeds,
backyard wheat, emergency preparedness,
self-reliance -- whatever your questions are,
Caleb will answer from experience.