Author Bio Photo Shoot

A few days ago I had my first professional photo shoot, taking my author biography photos for the forthcoming book. Over an hour, the photographer took hundreds of photos of me, posing in my well-stocked root cellar, in the garden, and close-ups in front of the barn. When I saw the photos, the book started to feel real.

Xander was with me the whole time, of course -- he's my right-hand man in the garden. The photographer kindly took some extra shots of me and Xander, which I'll share here. As for the photos for the actual book, I don't think I have permission to publish on this blog -- I don't dare put them on the Internet without speaking to my editors first. Besides, the photos of Xander are the best and cutest!

It's been a very busy week. The editors (I'm working with two!) wanted a final copy of the book, both in hard copy and electronically, about 500 photos of my garden taken by me over the years (we'll see how many actually end up in the book) and hard copies of all of my source material. Whew. On the way to deliver all this, I realized I had forgotten to write a dedication page and a thank you page. I just finished those a few minutes ago. Tomorrow I'll re-read them before sending them to the editors via email. If I forgot anyone, please forgive me. The more I've thought about this book coming together, the more I've realized how large my debt of gratitude is.

Who can believe this is actually happening!


  1. How exciting! Xander's adorable. I imagine he loves being your right-hand man and the photo shoot must have been fun for him, too. I haven't seen your photography, but my hunch is it's as good as your writing. Sounds like your book is truly a labor of love, Caleb. Believe it! It's happening. :)

  2. Love the picture and as I said before all this success is so not wasted on you!!! Congrats, I am so proud of you

  3. Did you get a bulbous head, mini-feet photo? If not, what will we use to model your bobblehead? We could make a Cabbage-Caleb Bobblehead.