E-book Bestsellers List

TThe New York Times has finally aligned with reality and made a major shift in the way it reports books sales. The Times is now the one and only place to keep up with the digital age of books. That’s right, people, I’m talking about the debut of the New York Times ebook bestseller list.

Actually, there are two lists. The new, improved bestsellers list is a combo of ebook sales and print sales. 
And now there is also a list for ebook sales only. Both of these lists are weekly, and both cover fiction and nonfiction separately.

Welcome to the digital age, everyone. Now we are just waiting to see who will be the first indie writer to hit the NYTimes list.
Of particular fun is comparing the print/ebook combo list against the ebook-only list. Notice a trend? The ebook-only list is strong in backlist books, as I predicted here in my blog on Publishing Trends 2011. As of exactly now, the days of a book being “out of print” are gone forever. Interesting new world, and good for the pocketbook of writers.

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  1. It will be interesting to watch this unfold.

  2. That is soooo over due. I am glad they have move out of the stone age. lol. Thanks for the information, Caleb.
    I have a tween book that I think it will sale great for this year halloween and I am contemplating to do the e-book.
    I know I can do kindle and nook, but what else is there?
    October conference is awesome yet... it will be to late for this ebook. Any ideas?

    Anna del C. Dye

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