My chickens are interviewed. For real.

So, my chickens are famous.

The strangest things have been happening to me since I wrote my book. I've had more than 100 people come and tour my garden -- and that was even before the book came out (obviously. It doesn't come out until next week.) We've done some filming in the garden. And lots of people have taken a lot of pictures. And now my chickens have been interviewed. On camera. Secretly. (I'm not sure why the interview was kept a secret from me. It's now like I would have protested. Perhaps the intrepid agri-journalist Janiel Miller wanted to get the chickens unvarnished opinions of me.)

Janiel and her Gnome Crew came and taped interviews with my wife and I in the garden, and part one of the interview is now on their blog. Just seeing the chickens interviewed it worth it. And me talk about exploding eggs and Egyptian walking onions. Enjoy!


  1. That was it exactly, Caleb. Unvarnished. Did you HEAR the things they said?


    And thanks for going along with us. It was a very fun interview. And I'm amazed at your knowledge.

    LOVE the book.

  2. I heard what they said, and I don't think I could repeat it without blushing.

  3. Those darn chickens, selling me out for 15 seconds of fame!

  4. I just snorted with laughter-those sell out chickens :)