My book is officially a NATIONAL BESTSELLER!

Hello all.

So, there is some news. I am a national bestselling author.

I’ve been sitting on this for more than a week because I keep waiting for someone to jump out from behind something and say “Just kidding!” But it’s real. My publisher informed me last week that my book, “Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used by the Mormon Pioneers” hit number five IN THE NATION last week in the home and garden category, according to Nielsen BookScan, which is the national organization which keeps track of these things. National retailers report their weekly book sales to BookScan, which tabulates them and releases the a list of the top seller, according to category, each week. And I’m on the list.

So, I’m a national bestselling author.

I’m still trying to take that in. I’m so pleased, and scared, and excited, and excited and scared.

The book, by the way, is more or less sold out. The publisher sold the last copy to retailers almost three weeks ago. Retailers have been unable to order any more copies for three weeks. The first print run was 5,000 copies, and they were all sold in five weeks. A couple of weeks in, when it became clear that the book was selling swiftly, my publisher, Cedar Fort, decided to order a second print run. Problem is, because this book is printed in full color on every page -- the most expensive way to produce a book -- it is only makes sense to print the books in China. And to get them here from China, they come on a cargo ship. So the second printing will not be here until mid-November. Clearly, this is not ideal. But there is not much to be done about it. My publisher informs me that it would cost $5 per book -- per book -- to air freight them from China. They are working to find an American printer who can come close to matching the China price. If they can, they may order some to have available sooner than mid-November, but so far it is unclear whether any U.S. company can match the price.

The upshot is that the book has become hard to find. Amazon was out for a while, but they  have some now. There are some in Walmart stores here and there, and a few copies in a few Costcos. My understanding is that Deseret Book is sold out. I had no copies at all, but I found a store that had a few and bought them, so I have three copies.

My goal in writing this book was to be useful. The response to my book makes me feel like people must feel the book is useful, which makes me happy. When I sign copies, I often bid the buyer farewell by saying “Now go home and put this book to work for you.” That is my wish for everyone who gets a copy -- use it. Being more self-sufficient strengthens families. It’s time to be strong.

In other news, Dr. Guppy Tulkinghorn called the other day and said he'd like to do an interview of me for my own blog. So that will be coming soon. Should be interesting!



  1. Congratulations! How overwhelming! And fabulous. And very telling about how much confidence people have in our economy and the state of the world. Self-sufficiency is where it's at.

    Thanks for writing the book, Caleb. As well as your upcoming pioneer yeast book with Melissa.

  2. Congratulations Caleb! That is so exciting.

  3. Congratulations--that is awesome news!! How exciting and rewarding for you. :)

  4. Again, congrats and congrats and congrats!

  5. Huge congratulations, Caleb! You're a national best-seller: I can't think of happier news for the day. Thank you!

  6. I was SUPER excited to find the book, see... we are related. I am a Dastrup. :) I grew up in Sigurd and played and slept over at Aunt Lexia's house since Amber lived there. How fun to find mention of it in a book. I can see I was VERY lucky to have gotten my book. Congrats on selling out. How fun. And it is NOT surprising at all. You have me wanting to go out and plant right NOW! LOL! Maybe next year. huh? So much to lean and do. Oh... another coincidence?!?!?! We lived in Lund, NV for a year and a half. Part of that time we rented a VERY old house that no one had lived in for years... I think that was OUR cellar! It looks just like the one behind the house.