Reader Letters to Me -- Thanks!

[pictured -- one single day's worth of letters to me from readers -- 25 letters!]

Every day, my mailbox is full of letters from you who have bought my books, and my email box too. Thank you for all your wonderful letters. I'm sorry to say there is no way I could keep my day job and even begin to write you back. But I wanted to share just a few of the hand-written notes I've gotten over the past week or two. I'm so grateful to everyone for your enthusiasm for my books, for your enthusiasm for getting yourselves and your families healthy, and for being self-sufficient! You, my readers, make me smile! Thank you for your works of encouragement to me. -Caleb :)

"Thank you so much for the yeast flakes! I am excited to get them started. I have had success using sourdough starter in the past but my children don’t like the flavor so I’m looking forward to a milder bread very much. It is so nice of you to share! Thank you!" - Tracy S.

"Thank you for sharing your talents of provident living. Your timely (newspaper) article was perfect, as I have been learning about ways to improve my family’s health." -Stefanie C.

"Thanks so much for all the wonderful information that answers so many questions that no one else seems to find important. Thanks so much for the yeast start also." -Lee V.

"Thank you so much for the yeast flakes you are sending. I am gluten intolerant and am thirlled to get to eat bread again. I bought your book and love the information. Thank you soooo much!" -Tami C.

"I LOVED your book! I’ve been on a similar quest to stop poisoning my family with grocery store food. I looked for this exact information a few years ago and came up empty-handed, except for a starter recipe with no explanation that looked questionable. Now it makes sense. Thank you for the gift of self-reliance and nutrition, and thanks for the yeast starter." - Hannah G. "PS, I’ve been telling everyone about your book."

"I did purchase your new book and my husband and I can’t wait to get started. We actually have your first book as well." -Katie P.

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