Garden-Fresh Salad on Feb. 19 2013

It’s noon. The temperature outside in my garden is about 40 degrees. Last night’s low was about 15 degrees. Yet I just picked this fresh salad for lunch. I woke up craving salad and natural yeast bread sticks, so I made no-knead bread sticks with yeast I set out to grow last night -- no other ingredients, just 12-hour yeast. For the last five minutes in the oven, I topped them with cheese, and then had my salad with them, and a baked potato left over from a couple nights ago (and rewarmed while the bread sticks cooked. My wife had a T-bone steak from our own cow with her salad. We are feeling very self-sufficient today :)

Here is what was in the salad:

- Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Caleb’s Deep Winter lettuce, and Winter Green Jewel Romaine, all grown in the garden all winter with no protection except a deep covering of snow. No cold frame or hot bed.
- Parsley, baby carrots, and America Spinach from cold frames in the backyard garden. The parsley is perennial (with protection). The carrots and spinach were both planted in the fall.
- Arctic King lettuce, Chinese cabbage, mizuna, red orach and pea shoots from the unheated geothermal greenhouse.

If you’d like to get started now growing your own fresh cold-season garden, you can get seeds from me by clicking here. Happy self-sufficient, super-healthy, and delicious eating!

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