Poetry Challenge 2013: “The Useful Question”

Autumn is a good excuse to pause, inhale, and take joy in the changing natural world. One of the best ways I know to focus natural curiosity is by writing and reading poetry, so I’ve decided to host a poetry challenge. Here are the rules.

1. There is no cost to enter. All poets are welcome to submit as many poems as you like, but if you submit many, I will begin to suspect you don’t have a good eye for self-editing and your poetry might go unread.

2. There will be three winners. First place will get a $50 gift certificate to SeedRenaissance.com. Second place a $30 gift certificate to SeedRenaissane.com. Third place will get a $20 gift certificate to SeedRenaissance.com. All winners and possibly some honorable mentions will be published on my popular Backyard Renaissance blog at CalebWarnock.blogspot.com.

3. Entries must be submitted by email to calebwarnock@yahoo.com by midnight Sept. 29 2013. One poem per email. Email MUST be titled “Poetry Challenge” followed by the name of your poem. Winners will be announced and published in early October. I will decide all winners.

4. The theme for this contest is “The Useful Question.” How you interpret that theme is up to you. Your poem can be overtly or subtly tied to the theme, it’s up to you. Poems that examine our natural world will be more likely to win. What “natural world” means is up to your personal interpretation. Poems with shape or form will be given preference. Poems with fantastic titles will be given preference. Poems that are less than 20 lines will be given preference. Poems with humor will be given preference. If you have a question, please don’t email. The answer to your question is “You decide.” I’m just looking for great poems. Good luck everyone! -Caleb

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