Join us at the LDS Natural Living Conference Nov. 2!

[pictured: A 1.2 pound tomato from Caleb's 2013 garden]

Hello all! Come join me at:

LDS Natural Living Conference
Saturday, Nov. 2, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Stone Gate Center for the Arts (Grand Ballroom) 886 W. 2600 N. Pleasant Grove, Utah

$89 per person
Healthy light lunch included.

Every participant will go home with more than $50 in gifts, including: water kefir starts, milk kefir starts, natural yeast starts, raw honey, stevia seed, stevia leaf, stevia extract, recipes, & winter garden seeds!

Check-in 8:30 a.m.

Kefir for Natural Health -- An introduction to milk kefir, water kefir, and their health benefits, including starts to take home and complete instructions on homemade kefir as well as store-bought kefirs. Includes recipes. Kefir grains are a lacto-fermentation culture start that you grow at home, turning milking into a yogurt-like drink that is rich in probiotics and protein. Kefir is exceptionally healthy. Linda Smith is an expert on kefir with many years of experience.
Raw Honey for Health -- Did you know that raw honey and raw honeycomb have exceptional abilities to curtail allergies, asthma, and respiratory health problems? Caleb Warnock teaches the difference between raw honey and “pure” honey sold in the grocery store, and how to use raw honey to immediately improve your family’s health.

Microgreens for Protein -- Sunflower seeds are extremely easy to sprout, contain a wealth of protein and vitamins, and best of all, can be grown indoors any time of year for fresh eating in salads, on tacos, or just for snacking! Linda Smith is an expert a sprouting-for-health expert who is passionate that everyone can grow fresh food in their kitchen window!

Sweet Stevia Baking: Stevia is a green leafy herb that is sweeter than sugar but does not contain any sugar at all, and does not spike the glycemic index. After growing stevia in his garden for the past four years, Caleb Warnock has spent the past two years working on stevia baking recipes using low sugar or no processed sugar for brownies, cookies, cake, caramel, and much more! You will go home with two baking recipes, as well as leaf stevia, stevia extract, and instructions for making stevia extract at home.

November Gardening! Caleb Warnock is the author of the national bestselling book Backyard Winter Gardening. He will teach you what you can plant in your backyard right now, without any artificial heat or electricity, for eating all winter long! You will take home seeds that you can plant immediately for fresh eating, despite the bitter temperatures! Full instructions for small-space winter gardening.

Natural Yeast Cookies -- For the first time ever, Melissa Richardson will teach a class on how to make natural yeast cookies which are delicious and supremely healthy. These techniques will satisfy your family’s sweet tooth without guilt for the holiday’s this year! Don’t miss this chance!

Natural Yeast Holiday Baking -- Melissa Richardson is an expert on baking with natural yeast, which has numerous health benefits. She will take you through the basics of natural yeast baking with surprising ideas for holiday treats that are healthy, all-natural, and delicious!


  1. Caleb, I would love to come, but live out of state & can't. Is there anyway you can provide this as a online course with these gals? Your last online class was wonderful!
    Any hope?

  2. I agree with the comment before. I live in California and wondered if you might offer some of your classes online? Especially this one. Thank you so much.