March 7th Tour of Caleb's Greenhouse and Backyard Garden

Above - Green Mountain multiplier onions in the greenhouse, from seed. 

 Above - Vernal Red Orach (left) with North Pole Lettuce, which has been cut and is re-growing.
 Above - Mountain Rose potatoes growing in the greenhouse, planted on New Years Eve.

 Above - Asian greens
 Above - carrots and Broad Windsor Favas, which are in flower here.

 Above - Beet greens

 Above - Green Mountain multiplier onions which overwintered outside.

Above, more Green Mountain multipliers that overwintered.

Above - Collard greens that sprouted last fall and overwintered in a cold frame. 

Above - Some of the rarest onions on earth, called Blanc de Hatif Paris, a winter onion.

Above - raised beds planted with parsnip seed. 

Above - larger view of beds planted with carrots, parsnips and more. 

Above - baby beets 

 Above - Medicinal horehound herbs, which overwintered in a cloche.

 Above - Medicinal hyssop herb, and the curry herb (on right)

Above - a baby Egyptian Walking Onion. 

 Above - Caleb's Winter Fine Fettle greens, a variety I created which provides hearty, crunchy greens without any winter cover. 

 Medicinal mullein growing in my garden :)

Above - a parsley plant. Thanks for taking a photographic tour of my March garden. If you want seeds for self-seeding, early maturing, or winter gardening, visit, my seed website :) -Caleb

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