Aquaponic Gardening For Any Budget

9am to noon Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015
Alpine City Hall, 20 North Main Street
$14 admit one ($29 after noon Feb. 20)
$20 admit two ($59 after noon Feb. 20)
TO REGISTER: Go to and click on “classes” or go to

Taught by Caleb Warnock and Logan Lyons, a leading expert in aquaponics! Aquaponic gardening is based on nature. In its most simple form, Mother Nature creates a self-sustaining system in which water, fish, and plants combine to help each other. The goal of an aquaponic garden is to mimic nature. There are many advantages:
  • aquaponic gardens use far less water
  • need no purchased fertilizer
  • create naturally rich, sustainable, healthy soil
  • grow larger, more productive plants, which produce more food
  • can produce harvestable fish
  • dramatically reduce the need to weed with no-till methods
  • provide a peaceful water feature for the garden 
  • bring the joy of having fish to the backyard garden

In this class you will learn:

  • The natural science of aquaponics
  • Soils for aquaponic gardening
  • The all-natural, self-reliant aquaponic water supply
  • The aquaponic starter garden
  • Aquaponics in the first year
  • Choosing fish
  • The No-Till Aquaponic Vegetable Growing Bed
  • Overwintering fish
  • Using bell syphons
  • Designing the drain system
  • Warning signs, common problems and solutions
  • Design options
  • To pump or not to pum
  • Aquaponic vertical gardens
  • Aquaponics and chickens

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