Ebook Trends: Good and Bad News

Avon announces ebook-only imprint
Avon Romance, which is an imprint of Harper Collins, has announced its first ebook-only imprint, named Avon Impulse. (An imprint is simply a division of a publishing company, if you are new to the term). Here are the important details:

  • Impulse is accepting non-agented submissions
  • Impulse hopes to begin by publishing a new ebook every week
Impulse promises distinctive covers and strong marketing for their new authors. And why the sudden urge for an ebook-only imprint?

“Two reasons,” said Avon execs in a statement. “First, traditional channels for mass market genre fiction are shrinking. Fewer grocery stores, drug stores, mall stores and superstores are carrying a broad selection of romance titles. While there is a strong consumer market for Avon titles, the channels that we have always depended on to grow new voices and publish broadly are under pressure. Second, the growth of eReaders and e-books have created a new opportunity that allows us to begin increasing the number and diversity of our romance list for the first time in 10 years.”

POWELL'S BOOKS lays off 31 employees
This news is a surprise because the industry believed the Powell’s might be faring better the Barnes & Noble and Borders because it has a strong online sales presence and fewer brick and mortar stores. A leaded internal memo also says that Powell’s employees will so face a second wave of layoffs.

RANDOM HOUSE ebooks outsell physical books
NPR recently reported that Random House was actually selling more ebooks than physical books in the first week of release for some titles, especially thrillers.

TWO PUBLISHERS see huge ebook sales spike
Penguin Books announced that its ebook profits were 182% and are now 6% of total Penguin revenues.

Bloomsbury Publishing has announced that its ebook sales grew 18-fold in 2010 over 2009, and that total ebook sales for the year were about 10 percent of traditional publishing sales.
  • $131,000: Bloomsbury ebook sales in 2009:
  • $2.3 million: Bloomsbury ebook sales in 2010:

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