E-book Sales See Huge Jump; Hardback/Paperback Drop

Traditional publishing continues to falter while e-book sales soar, according to a just-released report from the Association of American Publishers. Here's the trends that every writer should keep an eye on, by the numbers:
  • E-book sales took a huge jump, up 116% compared to January 2010 (from $32 million to $70 million). 
  • Sales of downloadable audio books rose 9% in the same time period. 
  • Total books sales dropped to $805.7 million compared to January 2010’s $821.5M sales (-1.9%).
  • Adult Hardcover category fell 11%
  • Adult Paperback sales dropped 20%
  • Adult Mass Market declined 31%
  • Children’s/Young Adult, hardcover sales dropped 2%
  • Children's/Young Adult paperbacks plunged 18% 
  • Sales of religious books grew by 5.6%

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