Ebook Author Turns Down $500K to earn $30K? YES!

The ebook revolution has taken a new turn.

Barry Eisler is a California-based professional who has become a full-time and self-published writer. He has made a splash recently after releasing to the internet a great discussion between himself and another writer about why Barry turned down a $500,000 deal with a traditional publisher, which he calls a “legacy publisher.” The discussion is fascinating and informative.

But here’s the thing that got my attention: Eisler is on track to make a staggering $30,000 of a epublished short story released in February called Lost Coast. That is an enormous sum for short story. For any story.

“In February I self-published a short story, The Lost Coast, featuring one of my series characters, a very nasty piece of work named Larison,” Eisler said in the aforementioned online discussion. “I priced it at $2.99, which is a premium price for a short story, just to see how my writing would do in the new environment and even with the handicap of a relatively high price. It’s been selling steadily and is currently at #1,088 on the Kindle list (and #13 and #17 on Amazon’s short stories bestseller lists, which is good because the top twenty come up in the first page view). It definitely got a boost from the online discussion that followed my announcement, but even before all that it was on track to earn me about $30,000 in a year through Amazon, B&N, andSmashwords—not bad at all for a short story.”

I also wanted to pull one more quote from his website, because I felt it was important information for all writers. Here is what Eisler has to say about agents in the ebook age.

“Agents should ask themselves how they'll feel for a certain title if five years from now, or ten, 90% of units of that title are being downloaded and only 10% sold in paper form. Publishers' and online booksellers' digital revenues will represent nearly pure profit -- have you done enough to secure your author's portion of that profit stream?  Because sooner than you think, that digital stream is going to represent most if not all of what you and your author are earning.”

You should definitely visit this guy’s blog. http://barryeisler.blogspot.com

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