How To Get An Agent!!!!!!!!

(Hello readers, this is Caleb. Dr. Tulkinghorn has taken a moment away from his book tour to set us right on how to catch the attention of agents. Take it away, Dr. Tulkinghorn!)

Dear Struggling Writers,

You will probably never be published, you dim beets. Why do you keep reading this blog?

Still here? Oy!

Here are my three key advices:

-- In the olden days (late 1990s), sending a manuscript on perfumed paper was enough. But now everyone takes manuscripts via email. What to do? Get creative! “Dear Agent, before reading my hastily scribbled query, please inhale deeply and imagine this email is scented with a perfume endorsed by a major celebrity of your choice."

-- Agents don’t care about your wilting-souffle plot ideas and monotone-on-paper voicing. What they really want to know is, have you tested your manuscript? “Dear Agent, you’d be a Cornish hen -- a fool I say! -- to turn down my YA manuscript!!! It’s written in a second grade voice with 100-plus syllable sentences and a protagonist who is 11! I testify that it will rival J.K. Rowling because I read it to my granddaughter one night and then hugged her tightly until she gasped that it was good!”

-- Finally, readers, no one will tell you this but me, your one true mentor. Getting an agent has NOTHING to do with talent. It’s who you know, stu-pit!. You MUST write at least one nationally published author each week, begging (if she is a woman) or demanding (if he is manly) that they send your manuscript to their agent. This is the way business is done!

Now, readers, I’ve had a trying day. I’ve been vexed by autograph seekers at my hotel, and one of my personal assistants quit, claiming I’m “high maintenance." My daily foot massages are medically necessary, dammit! Who needs employees? Pish! 

Annnnyway, practice what I preach, and I’ll be around again with more key advices for you just as soon as my schedule allows. And if you know of anyone with a servile nature and muscular fingers, text me their resume with photo.

M. Guppy Tulkinghorn

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  1. Thus is one of my fave segments. Tulkinghorn's bio is freaking cool. My fave part is "Dr. Tulkinghorn did the audio version himself, recording it on a $13 Indonesian digital voice recorder during long nights in first class."