2012 Forgotten Skills classes

2012 FORGOTTEN SKILLS CLASSES -- seating is very limited. Register today to reserve your spot.
9 a.m. to 2 p.m Saturday, Sept. 8 2012

Caleb Warnock's house, Alpine Utah

Early-Bird Pricing: Individual classes are $20* OR $89 for the entire day. (Couples add $10.) To register, email calebwarnock@yahoo.com. Payment by check or paypal by Friday, Sept. 7 2012. A free "Forgotten Skills" book and winter garden seed to anyone who registers for the entire day!
"At the Door" Pricing: $30 each or $150 for the day. NOTE: "At the door" participants are not likely to get to take home a cold frame; advance notice is necessary to get the materials.

9 a.m. Best Vegetables for Utah
No one spends as much time and money running garden variety trials as Caleb! Come and find out which vegetable varieties work best, how to grow them, and which varieties should be avoided! We will be tasting fresh vegetables from Caleb's garden!

9:30 a.m. Forgotten Recipes: Low Sugar Jams, Jellies, Juices 
The best jams, jellies and juices you will EVER taste, with practically no sugar! These are Caleb's most in-demand recipes! Come and taste them for yourself and take these recipes home for your family!

10 a.m. Natural Yeast
"The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast" book is finally here! Come and find out in person how to get started with your yeast. Get "started" on the health of your family today! Step-by-step instructions on the basics of using natural yeast.

11 p.m. No-Nonsense Organic Gardening
Does your garden pay you, or do you pay a fortune for your garden? Come and find out how Caleb's garden rivals any garden in the state for produce, while being 100 percent totally, completely organic and heirloom. You'll learn how to make your own super-easy organic fertilizers, no-work compost, weed control, pest control, and how and why to garden without tilling ever again!

12 p.m. Winter Gardening 101
Now is the time to plant your winter garden! The lastest results from Caleb's variety tests, and live demonstrations on using cold frames and building a hot bed! All the information that you need to get started on fresh winter gardeing this year with no artificial heat or electricity!

1 p.m. Cold Frame Construction (*Individual price for this class is $40)
This popular class is only offered once a year! We will build cold frames from every participant to take home -- there is no other class like it in the West!


  1. These sound like great classes. Wish I could sit that long!

  2. So glad we went! Thanks for your time and expertise. It was very educational and inspirational.

  3. I agree with Ellen. It was great to hear down-to-earth advice, tips and methods from someone with your experience and a summary of the many many many hours you have spent researching. Thank you!

  4. When is your next class? Didn't know you did classes until today? Is there any way to know about future classes?

  5. I, too, would like to know when you will have other classes. I did get your email about these classes, unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it that day.