Vegetables Julienne!

The other day, someone on Facebook posted about how frustrated they were with their new peeler. It was just shredding everything, and this person was not happy about it.

I admit I laughed just a bit because this person clearly had a julienne peeler, which is not a peeler at all, actually. It is a tool used to make fancy and uniform vegetable shreds of the kind you find in upscale restaurants. These are great for soup, great for snacks, great for casseroles. Above is a photo of some carrots in various colors -- white, yellow, orange -- from my garden, which I julienned the other day for a soup. Having julienned carrots in a soup of diced vegetables is just a fun way to add another texture to your food. 

This julienne peeler cost me about $20 bucks. It is a heavy-duty, solid stainless steel version. I spent a lot of time looking around for the best one I could find because I use a lot of vegetables and there are a lot of cheap versions that won’t hold up to prolonged use. If you haven’t julienned before, add some fun to your dinner! Here is the Kuhn Rikon heavy duty stainless steel julienne peeler I chose, and love:

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