Caleb is Mouthy. Get Over it! :)

I got this in an email from one of my friends, yoga classmates, and former students. Every word of it is true. Enjoy! -Caleb

PS - I know a lot of you out there could add to this list. If you want to, email me your "calebisms" and I'll post them here for the world :)

Hi Caleb,
I came across a list I had made in class of fabulous one liners you said, so in the spirit of holiday giving I am passing that on to you :)
  • Every word I say is fascinating 
  • Nyquil all the children (instructing a class member about how to find time to write)
  • I am a rather genius teacher
  • I do have an inflated opinion of myself
  • I don't know why all you people are piping up with your opinions as if they mattered (my personal favorite)
  • We need a man in this class - or at lease some sturdy lesbians
  • OK back to me and my point
  • You did it! I'm a genius!
Happy holidays! - Katarina

And more Calebisms, from my friend Tanya (all of these are also true -- I said them. I admit it.)

"If your manuscript begins with 'It,' go ahead and turn around." (meaning, LEAVE)

"Stick a pin in everyone."

"Let's wallop him. Do it with some chutzpah!"

"I'm a little afraid of me."

"Never underestimate the power of my arrogance!"

"Save these golden dewdrops falling from my mouth."


  1. Save these golden dewdrops falling from my mouth is my fav. laughed my head off. Very poetic!

  2. What!? I'm not the only one with a list of these beauties?

  3. And don't forget, "Damn chickens."

  4. Dear Mr. Mouthy,

    Would you mind putting a 'Subscribe by email" link in your side bar so that we may receive your golden dewdrops of wisdom directly in our in-boxes soon after they are written?

    Thanks you.