Caleb's Backyard Garden in March

This photo shows multiplier onions on the left that have been inside a cold frame all winter, versus the same variety of onion on the right that has been outside without any protection all winter. I'm testing to see which method produces the best onions. So far, the cold frame is the clear winner!

This is a single raised bed that has been divided in 30 individual plots, where I am trialing 30 different heirloom vegetables for cold soil tolerance. The 30 planted here -- peas, greens, lettuce, beans, edimame, and more -- were the winners of the overwinter trails in the unheated geothermal greenhouse.

This is a winter bean that I transplanted outside about a week ago. It's had absolutely no protection, including for the snow last night, and it's doing well. Success!

This is the same winter bean, planted in the ground in March as seed, now sprouting despite the temperature. 

This is winter wheat that has been outside all winter without protection -- growing quietly under the snow.

This is Winter Green Jewel Romaine lettuce that has been outside all winter with no protection, no cloche, no cold frame, nothing -- we've been eating it, it's kept growing back, even under the snow! I'm proud to say this lettuce was developed over many years on my property.

Baby Swiss chard that has been outside all winter without protection. We've been eating it as fast as it grows.

Collard Greens! They are so happy that the weather has warmed up. They had been in a cold frame, but I removed the frame in the first week of March. They are growing apace!

This is lettuce that has come up from seed in cold frames this month.

These are sugar beets that have been outside without protection all winter, getting ready to go to seed this spring.

This is an extremely rare turnip. I'm the only one growing it in the U.S.!

Thanks for touring my backyard garden in March. Our goal is to be as self-sufficient and healthy as possible 365 days a year. If you are interested in seeds for winter and early spring gardening, visit :)


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