New Law: Fake Sugar (Aspartame) in Yogurt & Milk

This is a grievous day.

The U.S. National Milk Producers Association and the International Dairy Foods Association have a petition in the final stages at the FDA which, if approved, would make it legal to sell milk, yogurt, cream, sour cream, and many more dairy items with "non-nutritive sweetener" in them without labeling those products to show that these fake, laboratory-created sugars have been added.

Right now, U.S. laws says that fake sugars can be added to all these dairy items without adding the fake sugar to the ingredients list ONLY if the products are labels as "reduced calorie" -- so at least there is some indication that the product has been messed with. The petition now before the FDA is specifically to remove the labeling requirement, so U.S. dairy consumers would never again know whether aspartame or other fake, chemical, laboratory-created sugar substitutes have been added to the product.

Put simply, it would be completely legal to add fake chemical sweeteners and never have to label that information again on nearly 20 kinds of dairy products.

This is disgusting. You can protest at the link below. I have to admit that I'm not sure that protesting is going to do much good -- this will just be added to the long list of other legally secret ingredients in our food. Nevertheless, I think we should all protest this so at least we tried to stop it. Here is the link where you can submit your protest comment straight to the federal government: (Public comment ends May 21).


  1. My children and I are extremely allergic to aspartame, sucralose asulfame k, stevia, neotame and all other artificial sweeteners. They have to label them, or it could cost my child his/her life! I'm so angry!!

  2. How does one protest this stupid movement. When it is know for it horrific affects; what kind of government would allow this to happen. It is ludicrous,

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  4. The link is confusing, so here is a direct link to the comment page on this issue:!submitComment;D=FDA-2009-P-0147-0012

    The toxic effects of aspartame, as shown by it being banned in so many countries and by the hundreds of thousands of complaints to the FDA, the seizure victims (often children), etc., should be getting us away from having this in our food chain, not hiding its use.

    And what about people who cannot process phenylalanine, the amino acid Aspartame mimics to more easily get through the body's defenses as it turns into formaldehyde before reaching the brain, and could even die from ingesting it? (That is why there are warning labels in the first place.)