June Color Tour of Caleb's Garden

 Naturalized columbines in white and lavender. 

 More naturalized columbines in yellow and red.

 A showy display of evening primrose.

Blue mountain geraniums.

Purple Dame's Rocket, which I look forward too all year. They get five feet tall! 


These are called blue-and-golds.

Pinkish naturalized snapdragons.

 The herb Hounds-tongue.

 More snapdragons.

A sea of salvia. 

 Close-up of a mountain geranium.

 Wild yellow roses.

 Wild red roses.

The red roses are so nice right now, I had to include two pictures :) 

 Another wild rose hedge. We love this for the rare color. Very tropical looking. 
Have a great day in the garden! -Caleb

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  1. I have one of the blue-and-gold spiderwort plants and have been trying to find out its name for ages. Thanks!