You Are Not Gluten Intolerant -- Unless You Want To Be

A week ago, a mother and daughter showed up at my house uninvited (which I’m discouraging, so don’t get any ideas) to thank me for reversing their gluten allergy. This woman’s daughter had read on my blog that natural yeast eats the gluten in flour until it is gone, and the daughter got a yeast start from me and started baking with our cookbook. Then she asked her gluten-intolerant mother to eat some bread.
“I told her no,” the mother said to me. “I didn’t want to be sick. When I eat gluten, I’m sick for days.”
The daughter persisted. After several weeks, this mother decided to try some of her daughter’s natural yeast bread on a Monday “because then I could be sick on Tuesday and Wednesday,” she told me.
She had absolutely no faith this would work. But because her daughter insisted, she eat the bread.
“And I had no reaction,” she said.
So she ate more, over several weeks, “and I had no reaction,” she said.
This woman was sitting wide-eyed on my couch, emotional and amazed. She wanted me to tell the world. She couldn’t believe that reversing gluten intolerance was so simple.
“I am eating wheat flour for the first time in years,” she said.
“I know,” I said. “Hundreds of people have told me stories just like you. I try to tell everyone. Help me!”
I have close personal friends that won’t try this. I don’t judge them because they are tired of being sick from gluten, and have worked hard to convert to a gluten free life.
But if the cure for gluten intolerance is simple, why not cure yourself?
When we remove gluten from our families, we begin to make our kids increasingly gluten intolerant. This puts the kids on a difficult course for the rest of their lives. So I ask again -- if the cure for gluten intolerance is simply, why not cure your family?
Let me ask you a question. Where did your gluten intolerance come from?
For so many people, they just one day begin to feel sick, and eventually figure out it comes from eating gluten. They talk with friends and doctors -- and the doctors immediately say, “Remove gluten from your diet for a few weeks, and if you feel better, you are gluten intolerant. Then you just live gluten free.”
But no one says where this gluten intolerance is coming from. The doctor’s don’t know and don’t pretend to know. You don’t know -- your intolerance just develops one day.
But I know.
Gluten intolerance is a symptom, not a disease. Store-bought yeast does not eat gluten -- it is unnatural and has been modified so that it raises bread quickly, but does not eat gluten. 
When you eat wheat foods made with natural yeast, you are not eating gluten because the gluten is gone. The yeast eats it and turns it into yeast. If you don’t believe this, take some of my fresh yeast to your doctor and they will test it for you (I believe insurance pays for this test in most cases if you have gluten intolerance. Ask your doctor).
Gluten intolerance is very trendy right now. Many, many people have begun diagnosing themselves without even going to a doctor. But if you don’t want to be on an expensive artificial diet for the rest of your life, try natural yeast. If you don’t want to see your kids on a special diet for their whole lives, try natural yeast.
The cure to gluten intolerance could not be more simple. I don’t know what else to say. If you want a FREE natural yeast start, which you can use for the rest of your life, click here. If you would like more information about natural yeast, including how it affects allergies and diabetes and heart burn, see our book at the link below. -Caleb


  1. Fabulous post. None of my bunch has a gluten intolerance, but I have seen and heard where it is everywhere these days. Everyone is going on gluten free diets. This makes so much sense and I have never heard this (becuase it wasn't my problem). Still I am excited to know. Thanks for sharing! I hope you will share this with us today at The HomeAcre Hop.

  2. Caleb, this does not make sense. If the natural yeast eats the gluten, that makes the product gluten free, right? I certainly agree that it is much better to use the natural yeast for a variety of reasons, but you can't say it "cures" gluten intolerance if it does so by removing the gluten! Am I missing something here?

  3. I too feel like im missing something as per Linda's comment.
    Arent you still living GF?
    Are you saying that yeast before it's processed etc by humans in its natural form (?) has for years done this which is why people in Italy france etc don't experience gluten intolerance as they keep their flours fresh and preservative free, so there for they use natural yeast which naturally removes the gluten?

    just after more info which makes that part make sense.