How to Grow Potatoes!

Here is a 30-page booklet that takes you step by step through growing potatoes. The cover is a bit cheesy, but don't let that fool you. This book had some great information. For example, did you know:

- Potatoes produce more nutrition calories for a family garden per square foot than any other vegetable?

- One medium potato has 110 fat-free calories and provides 45 percent of your daily vitamin C?

- Potatoes are one of the most pesticide intensive vegetables in the grocery store, but when you grow them yourself organically (which is easy, with the help of this book), you don't have to, as this book puts it, "play roulette with your children's health"?

- You can grow potatoes for almost no cost?

This book is a quick, informative read.  -Caleb

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  1. Oh poop! It is only free if you have a Prime Account with Amazon. :(