Tour of Caleb's Geothermal Greenhouse May 2013

This is the herb comfrey growing in a pot.

 The fig tree is sprouting new leaves after winter dormancy.

 An Easter lily coming up

 These are baby Canterbury Bells flowers that have been growing since January.
Peas! Get your pea seed at :)

Some of the peas are done and dried, ready to save for seed.

 This is a very rare blue-purple pea from England.

 Amsterdam Forcing carrots! You can get some at
Mizuna in flower and forming seed pods. 

My orange tree, with a rare variety of winter tomato growing at the base.

 Some of the rarest lettuces in the world are in this mix.

 A fava bean that I am developing for alkaline soil.

 These potatoes, believe it or not, are almost done! They are an extremely early variety.
A bunch of different varieties of tomatoes in a trial. Gee, can you tell which are winning? :)

 On the right is Grand Rapids lettuce. On the left is a bunch of different varieties, some rare. This was part of a cold soil tolerance test.
Parisienne carrots. 

Vernal Broad Windsor Fava beans from

 This is a peach tree started from a pit in my greenhouse -- almost time to move outside.
HUGE Mammoth Melting Sugar peas.

 Enormous Golden Sweet Snow peas -- so tasty!

Wild spinach, which I grow in my greenhouse for early harvesting.

And this is one day's worth of eggs!!! We have too many chickens!!


  1. In 2004 I stopped drinking Pepsi. Then last summer it was 112* here in the California Sierras and someone offered me an ice cold Dr Pepper. So I took a drink and my look gave me away because I was asked what was wrong. The stuff tasted and smelled like some medicine I had taken as a child and I simply could not drink the stuff.

    Once your system has been purged of toxic foods and liquids it reacts badly when given something unhealthy. Thankfully!