Cold Frame Polycarbonate Plastic

I just got this email: 

"Sorry to bother you.  I have made a number of phone calls the last couple of days trying to find somewhere in Utah Valley or even Salt Lake Valley that sells the twin-wall polycarbonate you recommend for cold frame construction, but have been unsuccessful.  I wanted to ask if you know where to buy it locally, or if you special order (and if so, from where)?"

Answer: I am the only "place" in the West and perhaps the U.S. that sells it in small quantities. I don't know of any other place that sells it in smaller quantities than bulk. I just got a truckload of it delivered today. If you are looking to build cold frames, here is the link:



  1. What is the thickness of this twin wall polycarbonate that you use?

  2. Polycarbonate sheets have extremely high-impact strength in order to withstand environmental occurrences like high winds, rainstorms and hail. Polycarbonate Roofing