Forgotten Skills & Backyard Renaissance Classes Autumn 2013

Forgotten Skills & Backyard Renaissance Classes Autumn 2013
with Caleb Warnock

TWO OPTIONS for taking this year’s classes:
1. August 10 from 8 a.m. to noon in Caleb’s Backyard. (Email for address) $99 before noon Aug. 8. $129 thereafter. Register at Each participant takes home a cold frame and $50+ seeds. Check-in begins 7:30 a.m. Healthy lunch included. Bring your own chair.
2. Online. $99. $99 before noon Aug. 9. $129 thereafter. Check-in online Friday, Aug. 9. Class online from Aug. 12-16 at your convenience (no specific time required). Each participant will be mailed cold frame polycarbonate with instructions, and $50+ seeds. Register at

This year’s classes include (times listed are for the class in my backyard, not online):

- No Nonsense Household Tips for Saving Money. 8-8:30.
This popular class is offered again for the first time in three years! How to make the best, easiest bulk powder laundry soap, enough for more than 1,000 loads in 20 minutes at 1.8 cents a load! Save hundreds of dollars on shaving razors, dishwashing machine soap and much, much more!

- Backyard Help for Cold, Flu, Sinus & Asthma. 8:30-9:30.
In this hands-on class, Caleb will teach you the best backyard herbal treatments. We will make and sample the herbal treatments, starting from scratch, and discuss which herbs to use to help which conditions. This class covers prevention and treatment.

- Forgotten Prepper: 15+ Essential, Simple Skills You Don’t Have. 9:30-10:30
Easy homemade garden hand soap, backyard candles, sanitation, backyard lotion, and many other things every family should know for emergency preparedness and everyday use.

- Never Buy Chicken Feed Again -- 20+ strategies for feeding chickens. 10:30-11
Includes at least a dozen foods you can grow in your garden for year-round chicken food, as well as where and how to get free chicken food, and how to manage a flock to make is self-sufficient.

- Fall and Winter Gardening With Cold Frame 11-noon
Each participant will go home with at least $40 in seed for fall and winter gardening, with the latest information about the best autumn and winter varieties. Cold Frames -- Each student will go home with a cold frame that we will make in class, with information on how to use it and the seed you need to get started immediately.

- Four Best Wild Edibles. Noon-1
Each student will certify with Caleb their ability to individually recognize, harvest and prepare the four best backyard wild edibles.

- Q and A with Caleb. 1 p.m. until whenever.
Caleb takes your questions.


  1. Great idea! How do the online classes work? Is it via email? In a private chat room?

  2. I would also like to know about the online. I will be out of town for the in-person and would be interested in how the online works

  3. The online classes will be held on Google Drive. Each class is a Powerpoint presentation, and there is some light homework and an open forum for questions and answers. The polycarbonate and instructions, and seeds will be mailed to your home.

  4. Can we still sign up for the online class? I can't figure out how to sign up at the Seed Renaissance website. Thanks