Edible weedkiller, lotion bars, seed potatoes

Hello all :)
This is Caleb Warnock, “Forgotten Skills/ Natural
Yeast author and owner of SeedRenaissance.
Thank you for being on my email list. New this
month: cucumber seed and more culinary
herbs, including lime basil, cinnamon basil,
sweet mace, and more!

Four things this month:

1. Many of you have purchased my edible
homemade weedkiller recipe. I’m excited
to offer a new, improved version,
which you can get for free if you ordered the
original recipe. For full details, please visit
2. After the “Forgotten Skills” class last month,
many of you asked me to start carrying Amberlee’s
fantastic all-natural lotion bars, and so I have. You
can find them by clicking here.

3. Many, many of you have asked me to get
Mountain Rose seed potatoes -- the fastest-maturing
potato I have been able to find. These are red on the
inside, and stay red when cooked. Delicious,
medium-sized potatoes. These are hard to find, and
I sell them at the lowest price in the nation: 2.5 pounds
for $16 including shipping, or $10 for 2.5 pounds pick-up.

4. Finally, THE BIG NEWS :) At last, me and Melissa
Richardson, my Baking With Natural Yeast co-author,
get to make our big announcement! Based on the
fantastic results of their own patients and even staff,
Dr. Diane Farley-Jones and her team at the Alpine Clinic
in Utah are working on a clinical trial of the ability of
natural yeast to stop gluten intolerance in its tracks!!
We know what the results will be, and so do thousands
of you from experience, but we are so excited to have a
clinical trial to bring more attention to this important
natural food! If you are in the West, you can hear from
clinic staff directly, and much more, at our
Natural Yeast & Grains for Health Summit on May 3.
We expect this to sell out. Tickets are first-come, first-serve.
For full information, visit

Thanks! -Caleb

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