Natural Yeast & Grains for Health Summit

Natural Yeast & Grains for Health Summit
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 3, Highland Community Center, 5378 W. 10400 N. Highland, Utah

$39 admit one OR $49 admit two through April 25 ($99 admit one after April 25)

8:30 Welcome and registration check-in

9-9:15 Creating a Natural Yeast Start from Nature:
Caleb will teach you how to create a natural yeast start for bread-rising using only what is available in the back yard. Students will go home with the materials needed to start their own yeast from scratch!

9:15-9:30 The Water Secret
Caleb will teach you a simple trick for making your yeast happier, healthier, and most importantly, more vigorous by changing the way you use water with your natural yeast starter -- and what it means for our health the rest of the time too.

9:30-9:45 How to Keep a Starter in the Fridge:
Melissa will teach you how to convert your starter to living in the fridge, the benefits of keeping a cold start, how to tell if your cold start conversion is successful, how to use a cold start for baking, and more.

9:45-10 Help! My Yeast Doesn’t Double!
Concerned because your yeast is not doubling, either on the counter or in the fridge? Melissa will teach you a simple secret for knowing when your yeast is perfect for baking -- and when it needs more time. Melissa will demonstrate how to feed natural yeast at home.

10-10:15 The Health Benefits of Natural Yeast
Believe it! Caleb will tell you how natural yeast can help you lose weight, get rid of your acid reflux forever, heal your gluten intolerance, create probiotic and prebiotic health in your gut, and smooth spikes in your glycemic index.

10:15-10:30 Simple and Fluffy Bread, Rolls & Cinnamon Rolls Using a Thermal Oven
Thermal ovening is a simple technique for raising bread that requires no fuel or electricity and makes a HUGE difference in the way natural yeast bread rises. Thermal ovens have been practiced for centuries!

10:30-10:45 BREAK

10:45-11 Gluten-free Doesn’t Mean Harmless
Melissa and Caleb will tell you about the hidden dangers of the gluten-free diet, including short-term and long-term consequences that are little discussed about the current gluten-free fad.

11-11:30 Natural Yeast as a Phytic Acid Fighter
Melissa will teach us how phytic acid harms our health when grains are not prepared properly for eating, and how natural yeast is Mother Nature’s answer for neutralizing phytic acid to make wheat, oats, and other grains healthy and not harmful.

11:30-11:45 Spelt, Teff & Buckwheat
Melissa will teach us why she is so passionate about using a variety of grains in her family’s diet, and she will introduce us to a variety of grains that are little used in the U.S. but are super healthy and delicious.

11:45-Noon How to Make Bread With Natural Yeast
Melissa and Caleb will demonstrate how to make bread using natural yeast.


12:45-1:30 Why I Recommend Natural Yeast to My Patients
Dr. McClean is a chiropractor who began teaching the benefits of Natural Yeast to patients and community members with his wife several years ago. He found in his practice that if structural adjustments were not working in his patients, the problem was usually dietary. He utilizes natural yeast fermentation of a variation of grains in his treatment of these patients. Dr. McClean will share with us what he has learned about how consuming unprepared grains affects the human body through his own research and treatment of patients in his practice.

1:30-2:15 Natural Yeast Testing at Alpine Clinic
Natural Yeast Testing at Alpine Clinic Patty Jake is the Health Coach and Lifestyle Educator at Dr. Diane Farley Jones’ Alpine Medical Clinic in Highland. She will tell us the exciting news about the protocol and informal clinic study that Dr. Farley-Jones is developing for natural yeast after seeing testing and results from Patty herself and other patients. Patty will talk about the importance of natural yeast in nutrition and frankly discuss the full spectrum of results seen at the clinic

2:15-3:15 Question & Answer Panel -- Ask your questions to Dr. McClean, Patty, Melissa or Caleb!


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  2. Will you offer this again anytime? Hope so! Looks fabulous!! Sorry to have only learned of it 3 years later . : )
    Any handouts? Was it video'ed? So we can purchase and watch?