From My July Garden :)

An animation of echinacea being pollinated.

Egyptian Walking Onions set bulbs at the top of the plant.

Corn :)

Dwarf Blue Siberian Kale, which self-seeds and produces two crops a year. Seed at 

 Raspberries are in season!
Today I have been harvesting the winter wheat.  

Medicinal yarrow.

  Fragrant roses. 

The summer apples are ripe.

Blackberries in bloom. 

Vernal Red Orach going to seed.

Rare white strawberries. 

 Medicinal calendula.

Cilantro in bloom. 

Lettuce starting to flower.

Pioneer Pink Eye Beans in flower.

Straw-method potatoes.

Medicinal comfrey.

Perennial Tripled Wheat tillering itself out beautifully :)

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  1. Does your red orach cross with other plants? Or are you able to save seed without "helping"? Mine is just going to seed, so I am curious.