Gardening with Cold Frames

Yesterday I got this comment from a student of mine on Facebook:
“I have to put a plug in for a winter garden... Early to mid-August is the time to plant lettuce for a winter garden. Basically, you plant a fall garden and then around the end of October, you put a cold frame on top. The lettuce in the photo is growing under the cold frame pictured and covered with snow. I ate it in the fall, during the winter, and then it grew huge in the spring, and I had more than I could eat until mid-June when it went to seed. I will never plant lettuce in the spring again--just in my winter garden.”


This year’s Cold Frames Gardening Workshop will be available in my backyard, or online, just like last year. Also, you may purchase twin-wall polycarbonate for building cold frames at the bulk discount rate for a short time. Here are the details:

In Alpine, Utah:
Saturday, Aug. 16 2014 at 707 West 800 South Alpine 84004.
$99 by Aug. 1, $140 after Aug. 1
Sign up by Aug. 1 and get the $39 Fall Gardening Special FOR FREE. (Egyptian Walking Onions may be limited) Everyone will take home a cold frame (4-feet by 2-feet)

-- or --

Class will begin Aug. 16.
$99 by Aug. 1, $140 after Aug. 1
Sign up by Aug. 1 and get the $39 Fall Gardening Special FOR FREE. (Egyptian Walking Onions may be limited) Everyone will be mailed twin-wall polycarbonate to make a 2-foot by 4-foot cold frame.

This year’s classes, both online and in Alpine, include:
- No Nonsense Household Tips for Saving Money (This class will be emailed to you).
How to make the best, easiest bulk powder laundry soap, enough for more than 1,000 loads in 20 minutes at 1.8 cents a load! Save hundreds of dollars on shaving razors, dishwashing machine soap and much, much more!

- Backyard Herbal Infusions for Cold, Flu, Sinus & Asthma. (This class will be emailed to you)In this hands-on class, Caleb will teach you the best backyard herbal treatments. We will make and sample the herbal treatments, starting from scratch, and discuss which herbs to use to help which conditions. This class covers prevention and treatment.

- Forgotten Prepper: 15+ Essential, Simple Skills You Don’t Have. (This class will be emailed to you) Easy homemade garden hand soap, sanitation, and many other things every family should know for emergency preparedness and everyday use.

- Four Best Wild Edibles. (This class will be emailed to you). Each student will certify with Caleb their ability to individually recognize, harvest and prepare the four best backyard wild edibles.

- Fall and Winter Gardening With Cold Frame (This class will be emailed to you) Each participant will go home with at least $40 in seed for fall and winter gardening, with the latest information about the best autumn and winter varieties. Cold Frames -- Each student will go home with a cold frame that we will make in class, with information on how to use it and the seed you need to get started immediately.

- Q and A with Caleb
Caleb takes your questions via email.

This cold frame plastic can be purchased for pick up or mailing.
For pick up details, go to

For mailing, go to

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