The Greatest Jam Ever Made

I did it. I invented the greatest jam ever made.

Okay, maybe. I combined fresh ripe cantaloupe and muskmelon out of my garden with equal amounts of local Red Haven peaches and made a baked freezer jam with no pectin and only 2/3 cup sugar per batch -- and its freakin' delicious.

Here's the real kicker. I buy four loaves each week of the best -- BEST -- 100 percent whole wheat bread from a neighbor. And out of the blue, just as I was pulling the jam from the oven, here is the neighbor on my doorstep with this week's bread -- and get this -- it is still hot. So I got to have fresh "Nectar of the Gods" Jam -- that's what I've decided to call it -- on fresh homemade wheat bread with butter.

It's good to be alive. What can I say. And I photographed the whole thing and documented the recipe for my second book -- so look for my Nectar of the Gods Jam recipe in the future!