Melons & Low-Sugar Jelly

Today's garden harvest and chores:
  • Brought in three cantaloupes from the garden. Still about 30 more out there.
  • Filled with large rocks the escape hole the rabbit, Puck, dug under his pen. Hopefully he is still there in the morning and hasn't just dug out again.
  • Three eggs today -- a sure sign the days are getting shorter.
  • Made seven half-pints of razzleberry jelly -- half blackberry, half razzleberry. I bought the berries and a bushel of peaches at a road-side stand in Orem on the way home from the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Made two batches of peach jam. I actually made all the jelly and jam at the same time -- low-sugar multi-tasking.
  • Finished the new border of Charmayne's Four Cardinal Directions flower bed (long story).

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