Buckets of Love from Caleb

Okay friends, here is your chance to see how I take on the first page of a manuscript.

In this second Writing Snippetts podcast featuring an interview with me, each of the Writing Snippets crew brought their first page of one of their novels. They asked for my opinion, and, well, they got it!

By the way, how is your narrative voice? You can listen here: http://writingsnippets.com/


  1. I'm enjoying listening to your podcast. It's nice to hear your voice as well as your wisdom.

    (Love your bucket)

  2. Thanks again for the interviews. We all had to give ourselves pep talks afterwards, but agreed that you were right and your comments were helpful—once we picked ourselves up off the floor!

    So those of you out there considering taking one of Caleb's classes, if you can take the heat it's well worth it.