No words were harmed?!

Hello all!

So, the WritingSnippetts podcast has posted a third installment of me taking on the first page of a couple more manuscripts. Am I mean? Honest? Egotistical? Imperial? As I say in the podcast, all of my comments are aimed at one goal -- getting writers published.

I found it ironic that at the end of the podcast, the voice-over says "No words were harmed in the making of this podcast." You be the judge! Personally, I was hoping that at least a couple of sentences that were harming the manuscript were killed off. :)

You can listen to the podcast here:


  1. Oh, I like the use of imperial in your blog post. Kudos. To me, you will always be the Literary God-Like Instructor :)

  2. Ok. Maybe some words were actually harmed in this podcast. At least I know I killed all but the last line of my first paragraph you critiqued.

  3. Hee hee- Thanks Caleb, I am sorry I missed it, but it was fun to listen to. Good luck with your new book- it sounds fantastic. And thanks for being a guest.
    Lillian J. Banks
    from Writing Snippets