12 beans on trial. And the winner is...

I trialed 12 beans in my garden this year. Garden trials do not involve a judge and jury. Instead, the point is to grow a bunch of different varieties of the same vegetable and see how they compare to each other -- is there one or two that you liked the most, that you want to grow forever?

I won't go over all the beans I grew here. Suffice to say that Indian Woman Yellow was the clear, far and away winner. We've been eating this bean fresh for weeks, but now the fresh beans are gone and I just harvested the dried beans. I used my vintage thresher.

There are many things to admire about this bean -- it was by far the earliest bean to produce. It produced more than any other bean in the trial. The beans taste superb. And I only planted 10 beans, and I got 2 cups of dried beans -- and that was just from the beans we didn't eat.

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