Vintage machine = Tasty Supper

Recently my friend Margot Hovley, who writes the exceedingly popular New Old School blog, posted on facebook about her yen for vintage grinders. Because I am easily sway by the words vintage and vegetable, I immediately went and bought one on eBay. When it arrived, my wife said "We have my mother's somewhere in the basement." In my defense, I did try to call her before I purchased, but I couldn't reach her. And also in my defense, we've been married ten years and I've never seen hide nor hair of this thing.

Margot suggested making salsa with the grinder. I'm allergic to fresh tomatoes, so I don't make salsa. So I made vegetable fritters. You can too.

1. Go to your garden. Pick whatever looks good.

2. Grind away.

3. When you're done, you'll have this. Using your hand to squeeze out the juice. Add two eggs, a pinch of salt, some grated cheese, and a bit of bread crumbs.

4. Cook in a frying pan with a touch of oil. And then enjoy another backyard garden meal :)

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