A 10-photo tour of Caleb's August Garden

1. These Black-eyed Susans have planted themselves around the edge of our pond over the past couple of years.

2. The mums have opened, a sure sign that summer is in its last weeks.

3. Lots of snapdragons in multiple colors.

4. Some of the things growing in the garden are cuter than others :)

5. The winner of my 12-bean garden trial is turning yellow.

6. Hand-pollinated squash are marked with yarn so they don't get eaten.

7. The pole beans are sky-high.

8. The winter lettuce is in seed.

9. The new short-season potatoes are done. This is "Mountain Rose" variety.

10. The cantaloupes are on the verge of being ripe. This is Noir des Carmes, which turns orange overnight.

A happy August garden! -Caleb

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  1. This is the kind of garden I dreamed of having until I discovered I was allergic to half the stuff in the yard. Boo hoo. But congrats--it's beautiful.