Limited Christmas seed offer, first-come first-serve

Hello all,

As snow flies, we might as well sit in a comfy chair
and start drawing garden plot plans :) As a special
Christmas gift, I’m offering more than $100 worth of
seeds, plus the downloadable class “No Nonsense
Household Tips for Saving Money,” for $39.
First-come, first-serve. Many seeds in this package
have been sold out for more than a year. These are the
normal-sized seed packages, same as I always sell.

This offer also includes something very special --
Perennial Tripled Wheat. Perennial means you plant
it once and it produces a harvest year after year.
This important grain was given to me by a grower
who kept it from extinction for years. Perennial wheat
occurs rarely in nature, and this is one of those rarities,
improved and grown by farmers decades ago.
It is guaranteed non-GMO, non-hybrid, pure seed.
I have grown this to test it, and I can now guarantee
it is absolutely perennial. You will find this wheat for
sell nowhere else. Everyone interested in preparedness
should have these seeds in storage, if not in the garden.
Because I have very little of this seed, this wheat will
only be available as part of this Christmas offer.


- I have filmed a new tour of my winter geothermal

- For the first time ever, I now have stevia seeds
available at You can find it here.

- Some of you have suggested I need to better explain,
especially to new readers, why you should consider
buying seed from me. Three reasons. First,
I literally search the globe for the last seeds of important
historic varieties, like the perennial wheat. I am
single-handedly keeping alive many important
heirloom seeds varieties. You can read more about this
work in my Forgotten Skills book.

Second, for every common heirloom variety I offer, I’ve
grown and rejected 30-40 other varieties. I spend huge
amounts of time and money on these tests, because no
one else is doing this work. I evaluate how these varieties
perform in an organic garden, without petro-chemical
fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides. I evaluate earliness,
flavor, production, storage, cold-soil tolerance, winter
harvest ability, self-seeding capacity, and more. If I
don’t love a variety, I don’t sell it.

Finally, every seed I sell is guaranteed pure, never
hybrid, never GMO, never patented, never corporate
owned. Our food supply MUST remain in the public
domain, at least what is left of our heirlooms.

Here is the full Special Christmas Seed Offer. You can
see details of each variety, and order for
$39 at I expect this will sell
out quickly. Please note that shipping and handling for
this package is $7.

1 Mormon Winter pumpkin
2 Dwarf Blue Siberian kale
3 Caleb’s Deep Winter lettuce
4 Brown Goldring lettuce
5 Vernal Red orach
6 Pioneer Pink Eye beans
7 Albino beet
8 Snow Fairy tomato
9 Golden Sweet peas
10 Noir des Carmes cantaloupe
11 Amarillo carrots
12 Potimarron Winter squash
13 Perennial Tripled wheat
14 Chioggia beet
15 Scarlet Nantes carrot
16 Lemon Balm
17 Collard Vates
18 Waltham Butternut squash
19 Sweet basil
20 Tom Thumb peas
21 Roma tomato
22 German Queen tomato
23 Tom Thumb lettuce
24 Non-GMO Turkey Red Winter wheat
25 Non-GMO Red Fife summer wheat
26 Lemon Grass culinary herb
27-30 Marvel of Four Seasons lettuce 4 PACKS
(so you can give some as stocking stuffers!)

Merry Christmas! -Caleb