Making a Homemade Thermal Oven

Because of my speeches, demonstrations, and classes, many of you have asked me for information about how to make a homemade thermal oven that will do both small and large batches of homemade natural yeast bread or rolls.

Making or purchasing a thermal oven (no electricity or gas) allows you to raise one loaf of bread or more, up to ten loaves! Or 48 cinnamon rolls or dinner rolls. Or make homemade yogurt, cook thousands of recipes for dinner or lunch, or you can use your thermal oven as a chiller or travel freezer. Use it everyday, in emergencies, for preparedness, or for traveling.

Modern Use, Ancient Technology
A thermal oven is the cheapest, fastest, easiest and most reliable way to raise bread dough using natural yeast. Thermal ovens are the way bread dough had been raised for centuries! In fact, the word “oven” is a misnomer because thermal ovens also act as freezers and coolers, as you will see in a moment.

The basic concept of thermal oven cooking, chilling, or bread-dough raising is to trap heat. Centuries ago, thermal cooking was done by heating a pan over a fire and then wrapping the pan overnight in a feather or straw mattress. The mattress retained the heat, allowing the food to cook away from the fire once the pan was heated.

There are endless ways to design a modern thermal cooker, but I have created a booklet that will introduce you to Caleb Warnock’s Thermal Dough Proofer, which is the only design which allows you to inexpensively create a homemade thermal oven that will proof one loaf, two loaves, up to eight loaves of bread at one time, or two trays of cinnamon rolls or dinner rolls! This design was born of necessity. There is nothing else like it available! So I had to invent it :) It costs less than $20 to make, as of this writing.

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