So, How’s that Whole Killing-Your-Children Thing Going Today?

Hello America. Brace yourselves to be cussed out.

As parents and grandparents, we have a few clear-cut duties. One of them is to know the answer to this question: “My child is mostly likely to die of what?”

The medical condition that is most likely to torture and then kill you and your children as you age is Type 2 Diabetes. This clear and present danger is ignored at your peril.

The way to prevent Type 2 Diabetes is with fiber -- vegetables and naturally prepared grains.

"My husband doesn't like vegetables," you will whinge as you turn away. "Natural yeast might be hard. I'm busy."

Oh! Why didn't you say so earlier?! Run off on your merry way to the prepackaged foods aisle, then, little poppet. You are absolved of personal responsibility, and no natural consequences will hound you.


Aligning ourselves with reality, we have to admit that Americans are not likely to give up sugar, white flour, and soda, which are causing this plague. Even cutting down is difficult -- every office in this country is flooded with donuts and treats. There is more shelf space dedicated to candy and soda in your local grocery store than there is space for fresh vegetables -- by far. Why? Because the stores give space to what people want to buy.

Type 2 Diabetes is why today’s children are expected to be the first generation in history with a shorter lifespan than their parents -- read that twice.

We are choosing this disease. We are voting with our mouths.

Shockingly few Americans have any knowledge of how to stop the disease that is doing the most harm to our own children. Fiber is the answer.

Starches (white flour, rice, potatoes) are digested by the body exactly like sugar, meaning they spike the body’s glycemic index exactly like sugar. Over years, spikes in the glycemic index destroy the ability of our pancreas to produce insulin. The body must produce insulin to digest glucose (sugar).

Fiber slows the body’s digestion. Fiber is prebiotic, meaning it is the place where the good and necessary probiotic bacteria and fungi in our bodies live. Without both soluble and insoluble fiber, natural probiotics (bacteria and fungi) cannot colonize in our guts. Without fiber, our digestive system struggles and slowly breaks down. Our weakened bodies then become victim to all manner of auto-immune deficiencies which are normally staved off by healthy people. (For most people, being genetically predisposed to an autoimmune disorder simply means you will get the disease only if you are not healthy).

Making matters worse, we use “shock and awe” antibiotics which kill both what is bad for us and what is good for us -- and then we do not replenish our natural probiotics with cultured foods. In addition, when we do bother to put down our sodas to drink a glass of water, our water is chlorinated. Chlorine is put in water to kill flora and fauna. It does the same thing in our bodies. If you have any doubt about this, you can grow natural yeast side-by-side in purified water and tap water and see the difference for yourself.

To recap, a healthy gut is a busy metropolis of beneficial probiotic bacteria and fungi thriving on prebiotic soluble and insoluble fiber. Sugars, protein and carbohydrates are digested slowly, making us feel full while allowing the body to take what it needs. Because we digest slowly, there are no glycemic spikes. Our pancreas functions normally throughout life. We do not get Type 2 Diabetes. We are happy, healthy, and not morbidly obese. (Caution: Skinny people get Type 2 Diabetes at exactly the rate of fat people. It’s all about the gut. You can run 10 miles every day and still get Type 2 Diabetes.)

Our guts are not healthy. This is proven by the huge surge in Type 2 Diabetes.

Our guts are ghost towns. There are few good bacteria and yeasts, and little fiber for them to call home. Our fake-food diets move through us fast, not slow. This causes us to feel hungry instead of full, which in turn causes us to eat more fake food. We scorch our empty gut with glycemic-spiking sugar and starches, chlorinated water, and antibiotics. Then we develop Type 2 Diabetes, suffer, and die early.

Odds are, this is your future.

This is what awaits our children.

Vegetables can stop all this. Raw, cooked and cultured, vegetables are the answer.  Grains prepared with natural yeast are the answer.

Now that you know the answer, there is just one question left -- will you be like most people and decide not to change your vote (by mouth) until after you or someone you love has been diagnosed? Or will you change now, so the diagnoses never appears and you and your children live happily ever after?

Vegetables and natural yeast. Or Type 2 Diabetes. Truth is easy. Truth is simple.