Hands-on Herbal Medicine

Tincture and herbs from Caleb's garden

Hands-on Herbal Medicine
Instructor: Caleb Warnock
$39 per person
6:30 p.m. Thursday Oct. 30 at Real Foods Market, 420 West 800 North Orem, Utah
Advance registration required. To register, call (801) 224-0585.

Students will take home medicinal herbs, provided by Caleb. Learn herbal treatment for coughs, colds, hives, sinus infections, asthma, flu, viral infection, bacterial infection, and more, including:
- medicinal preparations for immediate use
- medicinal preparations for later use
- apothecary combinations
- apothecary tools: flat pestle, tuning fork, creating troche for children and adults
- no-nonsense cautions and limitations: When is herbal medicine appropriate, when is it not?
-Each student will take home a guide booklet. You will learn how to use each of the following organic herbs:

- calendula
- hyssop
- horehound
- German chamomile
- yarrow
- echinacea root
- mallow root
- mullein
- pine
- oregano
- plantain and more.

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