Winter Greenhouse Gardening class, natural yeast questions

Hello all,
I am starting a natural yeast question and answer forum at -- if you have a question about natural yeast that you would like answered, please email the question to or go to the Facebook page and post your question there. I hope to have a video tutorial available soon as well.  

The 2015 Greenhouse Gardening class will be available in Utah and also as an online class! (Online class will include video, a live call-in session with Caleb, and free seed mailed to you.)

9am to 1pm Jan. 31, Alpine City Hall
20 North Main Street, Alpine, Utah

$39 through Jan. 26 ($55 after Jan. 26)
$58 2-person ($29 per person!) registration through Jan. 26
TO REGISTER: Go to and click on “classes”
or go to

In this class you will learn:
  • NEW THIS YEAR Many of you have expressed a desire for a cheaper permanent winter greenhouse -- so I designed and built one! I will show you my new solar thermal greenhouse, which I completed this fall and is now full of vegetables. This is a permanent winter greenhouse with a door and room to stand up, and room for a chair inside (I love to spend time in my winter greenhouses)  which costs less than $500 to build! This is a GAME CHANGER! This structure can also help you lower your winter heating bill for your house! I will show you all the thermal design principles you must know to build one of your own!
  • We will also tour my $6,000 geothermal greenhouse, where you will be able to pick fresh from the garden to taste my winter gardening varieties!
  • We will also tour my backyard cold frames, and backyard winter garden vegetables growing with no, zero, protection!
  • You will also learn “greenhouse ocean” principle, which is critical for growing success
  • everything you need to know about how to size your greenhouse correctly -- not as easy as you think!
  • most importantly, best greenhouse vegetable varieties -- without these, none of it works!
  • how to design and use a thermal chimney to keep your greenhouse from freezing in winter
  • how to maximize productivity so you really, truly can feed your family from a small space!
  • venting options,
  • polycarbonate,
  • the candle mistake,
  • winter tomatoes,
  • nutrient recycling,
  • self-sufficient watering,
  • seed-starting in January,
  • variety testing,
  • what is most useful to grow,
  • and using a greenhouse for emergency preparedness. At the beginning of class, we will drive about 1.5 miles to tour both of Caleb’s January greenhouses and taste his fresh greenhouse vegetables. As a free bonus, each class member will take home at least $30-worth of greenhouse variety seeds from, including:

Broad Windsor Fava beans
Winter Density lettuce
Michihili Chinese cabbage
Komatsuna winter salad greens
Cascadia Peas
Chioggia beets
America Spinach & more!

Caleb Warnock is the nation’s leading expert in winter gardening, and author of the #1
national bestselling book “Backyard Winter Gardening.” He is also the author of “Forgotten
Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used by the Mormon Pioneers”, “The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast”,
and the owner of Watch a video tour of Caleb’s January winter garden and greenhouse by typing “youtube Caleb Warnock” into google -- see you in class!