Successful Gardening in Utah Classes

Successful Gardening in Utah Classes
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 12, Highland Community Center, 5378 W. 10400 N. Highland, Utah

$39 admit one OR $49 admit two before April 4 ($99 admit one after April 4)
To register, go to and click “Classes”.
Each participant will go home with stevia seed, Caleb’s recipe for free homemade fertilizer.

Five secrets for gardening success in Utah: Gardening in Utah’s dry air, alkaline water, high altitude, and clay soil is not like gardening most other places. Caleb will teach you five things you are doing wrong that will massively improve your success while saving you big time and money.

Best vegetable varieties for Utah, and why: Probably no one on earth has tested as many vegetable varieties as Caleb. Find out which beans, melons, peas, potatoes, onions, lettuces and more work best here and why. All heirloom, of course.

Raised Bed Gardening Success: So many people waste huge amounts of money building raised beds the wrong way, only to find themselves frustrated because they are using principles that work on the East Coast and not in the West. Come learn how to make your raised beds pay you, instead of you spending huge money for small outcomes.

Container gardening: Whether looking to grow flowers, kitchen herbs, or tomatoes in containers, there are a few critical things you need to know for best success in Utah’s low humidity, high-altitude climate.

Seed starting without spending a dime: Traditionally, seed starting was done to save money and allow the gardener to grow the best varieties for their microclimate without having to rely on the store, but today seed-starting can be expensive and time consuming. This is a much simpler, fool-proof way.

Growing and using Stevia: Stevia is a small herb plant that is simple to grow in Utah indoors or outside. Stevia is Mother Nature’s sweetener and can help you dramatically slash the amount of sugar you are using at home without giving up flavor. Learn how to grow, prepare, and cook with stevia.

Best Tomatoes for Utah: If you are looking for fresh eating, preserving, saucing, color, salad tomatoes, seed-saving, or showing off your huge prizewinners, Caleb has your answers, tailored to Utah.

Organic garden soil fertility: Probably the biggest single mistake families are making in their gardens today is soil fertility. A few tweaks to your garden routine will yield long-lasting results.

Easy homemade organic garden fertilizer at no cost: Caleb has not purchased fertilizer for his garden in many, many years, and he will put his garden output up against anyone’s. The secret is making homemade fertilizer at absolutely no cost, and learning when and how to use it.

Our food supply MUST remain in the public domain: Caleb explains the importance of vegetable seed that is heirloom, never hybrid, never genetically modified, never patented or corporately owned, and what is happening to our food supply that should have every family taking a second look at the seeds they use.

Questions and Answers with Caleb: Organic gardening, backyard eggs, stevia, seeds, backyard wheat, emergency preparedness,self-reliance -- whatever your questions, Caleb will answer from experience.

March 7th Tour of Caleb's Greenhouse and Backyard Garden

Above - Green Mountain multiplier onions in the greenhouse, from seed. 

 Above - Vernal Red Orach (left) with North Pole Lettuce, which has been cut and is re-growing.
 Above - Mountain Rose potatoes growing in the greenhouse, planted on New Years Eve.

 Above - Asian greens
 Above - carrots and Broad Windsor Favas, which are in flower here.

 Above - Beet greens

 Above - Green Mountain multiplier onions which overwintered outside.

Above, more Green Mountain multipliers that overwintered.

Above - Collard greens that sprouted last fall and overwintered in a cold frame. 

Above - Some of the rarest onions on earth, called Blanc de Hatif Paris, a winter onion.

Above - raised beds planted with parsnip seed. 

Above - larger view of beds planted with carrots, parsnips and more. 

Above - baby beets 

 Above - Medicinal horehound herbs, which overwintered in a cloche.

 Above - Medicinal hyssop herb, and the curry herb (on right)

Above - a baby Egyptian Walking Onion. 

 Above - Caleb's Winter Fine Fettle greens, a variety I created which provides hearty, crunchy greens without any winter cover. 

 Medicinal mullein growing in my garden :)

Above - a parsley plant. Thanks for taking a photographic tour of my March garden. If you want seeds for self-seeding, early maturing, or winter gardening, visit, my seed website :) -Caleb