Harvest 2015

True story of this collage: I harvested all of these today, Nov. 14, 2015. I decided to make this photo collage because I wanted to make the point that this is doable and easy -- so I had to go to the store to find the store prices. I choose the store nearest me with the largest selection of vegetables. I found organic carrots and got their price, no problem. The store had no organic parsnips, no organic turnips, and lo and behold, no beets at all of any kind. To make matters worse, the store parsnips were extremely, extremely old (more evidence for a theory of mine that many of the fruits and vegetables in stores are for display and many actually end up in the dumpster --but the stores have to have them on display to create a certain public image, because people feel better shopping at a store with a wide selection of fresh produce, even if they don't buy it. But that is a blogpost for another day...)

Anyway, the parsnips were disgustingly old -- at least two months old, I would judge, by appearance. And there was no price anywhere for them (more evidence that they are not actually for sale). So I had to go to customer service and ask the price for the parsnips, and ask if they carry beets ("we are out? Yes, we carry them. We must be out.") and the price for beets. Since they don't carry beets, parsnips or turnips that are organic, I had to use the multiplier of the carrots to find the organic price. The price of the organic carrots (with fresh green tops, to be as close as possible to my fresh garden carrots) was 79 percent more than the price of the regular carrots in the store, so I used that multiplier to determine the organic price of the other three vegetables. I'm betting the price is actually lower than the price at Whole Foods, but since there is not a Whole Foods near me, the world will have to wait until I travel to the next county over to get Whole Foods actual organic prices for these vegetables :)