No-Till Garden class April 25 2014

No-Till Gardening Class with Caleb Warnock
9am-noon Saturday, April 25, Highland Community Center, 5378 W. 10400 N. Highland, Utah
$29 Admit One or $39 Admit Two
($39 admit one at the door)
Each students gets 10 full-sized packets of seeds of your choice (pick up at class only) ($30 value!). At the end of class we will take a mycelium tour of Caleb’s no-till garden in Alpine!

To register, go here:

15 Reasons to never till your garden again!

1. Dramatically reduces the work required to garden.
2. Reduces weeding by 90 percent.
3. Allows you to establish a self-seeding garden.
4. Means you never need to purchase fertilizer again
5. Hugely cuts down on soil disease
6. Cuts down soil compaction
7. Dramatically increases natural soil fertility.
8. Makes a 100 percent organic garden practical.
9. Makes gardening physically accessible
10. Makes permaculture truly possible - no gas, no tiller
11. Make a garden honestly sustainable
12. Make gardening easier for beginners and experienced growers, the physically disabled, seniors, children, families.
13. Increases yields
14. Makes a larger garden possible with less work
15. Makes gardening less expensive

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Using No-Till To Reduce Weeds by 90 Percent
  • Creating A Self-Seeding No-Till Garden
  • Never Purchase Fertilizer Again
  • Using No-Till for All-Natural Disease Control
  • Organic Gardening Made Practical & Simple
  • The Honestly Sustainable, Permaculture, No-Till Solution
  • Three Methods of No-Till Gardening (ground, raised, hugelkultur)
  • Creating Naturally Healthy, Fertile Garden Soil
  • Caleb’s Recipe for Free, Homemade Fertilizer
  • Converting an Existing Garden to the No-Till Method
  • Questions and Answers

2015 Successful Gardening in Utah Class

Successful Gardening in Utah Classes
9-noon p.m. Saturday, April 18, Highland Community Center, 5378 W. 10400 N. Highland, Utah
6:30-9 p.m. Tuesday, April 14, Highland Community Center, 5378 W. 10400 N. Highland, Utah

$21 ADMIT ONE before midnight Monday, April 13
$29 ADMIT TWO  before Monday, April 13
$39 ADMIT ONE after Tuesday, Mar. 18
To register, go to and click “Classes”

In this class you will learn:
  • Five secrets for gardening success in Utah:
  • Best vegetable varieties for Utah, and why:
  • Raised Bed Gardening Success:
  • Container gardening:
  • Self-Reliance in a Small Garden:
  • Seed starting without spending a dime:
  • Easy homemade organic garden fertilizer at no cost:
  • Our food supply MUST remain in the public domain:
  • Questions and Answers with Caleb: Ask me! :)