Novel Writing Boot Camp

For months, the Highland Arts Council has been persistently asking me to come and teach this. I finally gave in :) Join me -- seating is very limited, so I can give individual attention.

Novel Writing Boot Camp
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 22, Highland Community Center, 5378 W. 10400 N. Highland, Utah
$69 before Tuesday, Mar. 18
$99 after Tuesday, Mar. 18
$99 (admit two) before Tuesday, Mar. 18
To register, go to and click “Classes”.

Class size is limited, first-come first-serve. No writing experience necessary, just a desire and a bit of bravery. Bestselling author Caleb Warnock will help you create a novel outline in one day, from scratch, whether you have a plot idea or not. You will learn every essential element needed to sell a manuscript in the 2014 market, and step-by-step directions for writing your book. Caleb Warnock has taught writing for the past 15 years. Many of his students have gone on to huge success, including “Hush,Hush” series author Becca Fitzpatrick, Nebula-winner Eric James Stone, and Anne Boleyn series author Laura Andersen. Caleb is the author of “Trouble’s On The Menu” as well as five popular nonfiction books and the 11-book series “What Every Writer Should Know.”

Free copy of my new “More Forgotten Skills” book, & Expo

My new book, More Forgotten Skills, has just been released! To celebrate, I’m offering a free copy of this book, or any of my books, your choice, on any seed order of $50 or more during
the month of February at My seeds are guaranteed pure and true, never hybrid, never GMO. For details about my new book, click on the picture of the cover on the right to see inside. I will send a copy with any seed order over $50. If you want a different book, you must include your request in the “comments” section of your order.

If you are in the West, consider joining us for:

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 1
Highland Community Center,
5378 W. 10400 N. Highland, Utah

$69 through Feb. 25
$89 after Feb. 25
$99 admit two people (before Feb. 25)
and click on “classes”

Healthy light lunch included. Check-in 8:30 a.m.

In addition to a full day of hands-on classes, every participant will go home with more than
$50 in gifts, including: 
- $50 credit per person for seeds and one of Caleb’s books (your choice, first-come, first-serve), including the brand-new “More Forgotten Skills” book (expo pickup only)
- TWO e-books: Caleb’s Stevia Caramel cookbook, & Caleb’s Raw Honey & Propolis for Health.
- one all-natural homemade lotion bar to calm and sooth irritated skin.

Light, airy natural yeast bread using a thermal oven:
A thermal oven, which uses no electricity or fuel, is
a perfect, foolproof way to raise dough for the best
homemade bread you’ve ever had.

How to make and use a thermal oven: A thermal oven,
which uses no electricity or fuel, can be made easily,
used everyday, and never breaks down or wears out.

Pine gum: Mother Nature’s free virus and bacteria fighter:
Powerful medicine at no cost. How to use it, when to use it,
and Caleb’s research on the modern and historic use of
medicinal pine gum.

Get and stay healthy with simple glycemic indexing:
Every bite of food we eat has an immediate impact on
our body’s glycemic index. How to put it to the test for
your family, and show your loved ones first-hand how
their food habits are affecting their short- and long-term

Making homemade herbal toothpaste:
Everything you need to know about making your
own toothpaste for everyday use (like Caleb!)
or emergencies.

Amazing oat flour:
Natural anti-inflammatory properties, whole grain,
and easy to use for delicious eating!

Making homemade, all-natural lotion bars: You’ll
love them so much, you may never buy lotion from
the grocery store again. Expert Amberlee Neibaur
shows you how to make that at home in just minutes.

Sweet Stevia baking:
Stevia is a green leafy herb that is sweeter than sugar
but does not contain any sugar, and does not spike the
glycemic index. After growing stevia in his garden for
the past five years, Caleb has spent the past two years
creating stevia recipes using low sugar or no processed
sugar. How to use leaf stevia, stevia extract, and
instructions for making stevia extract at home.

Finished being Fat:
Betsy Schow, author of the book Finished Being Fat
(as seen on the TODAY show) lost nearly half her weight,
only to discover she was still fat “inside her mind.”
How to fight the mental battle required to keep the weight
off and get healthy.

Matchless, all-natural emergency fire starting in any weather:
How to start a roaring fire using a magnifying glass without
all the huffing and puffing, with only natural and readily
available materials. A live demonstration at Caleb’s home
after the conference.

Questions and Answers with Caleb:
Organic gardening, backyard eggs, stevia, seeds,
backyard wheat, emergency preparedness,
self-reliance -- whatever your questions are,
Caleb will answer from experience.